Here is a 802-character summary of the NASA press release in the style of a third-party media article:

According to a recent press release from NASA, the agency has achieved several key milestones in developing new technologies for deep space exploration.

NASA’s Deep Space Optical Communications experiment successfully streamed an ultra-high definition video from a record 19 million miles away using laser technology. This demonstration paves the way for higher bandwidth communications for future Mars missions.

The agency also completed a 251-second test of a 3D-printed Rotating Detonation Rocket Engine, achieving over 5,800 pounds of thrust. This technology could enable more efficient propulsion systems for landers and deep space missions.

In other news, NASA released a new composite image of the “Christmas Tree Cluster,” a group of young stars resembling a festive tree. The image combines X-ray, infrared and optical data from multiple observatories.

These advancements highlight NASA’s progress in developing innovative technologies to enable the next era of space exploration under its Artemis program, which aims to return humans to the Moon.